"Alpha" Demo Launched! What's in the future?!

Hi there! As of July 31, 2019, there is now an "Alpha" Demo for Project S.H.M.U.P and I'm super happy that I've reached this point. And now that I've taken some time to let it all sink in and celebrate that milestone, time for a talk about the project. Where it is now, where it's going, and what I'd like from you, the reader/player.

Hey. Wait. What do you mean "Alpha"?

I mean that quite in the literal sense, what I released isn't in a full "PocketNerd's stamp of approval and can walk away" state. But it's in enough of a state where I can have people playing it and giving feedback.

So then, what's missing?

Honestly, a bunch of stuff. Mechanics, Art, Enemies, Music, a freaking Options Menu. And what's already there is most certainly not final. Everything is subject to change before I'm 100% happy with it.

Do you have a plan?

Yup, though there's no real timeline on it. This project is something I'm working on casually to help build/refine skills and to make something I've wanted to make for years!

So, here's the (loose) plan:

Phase 1 - Complete the Demo
This is really going to be a meat-and-potatoes operation. I want to lock-down game mechanics, the art and design of enemies, music/sounds, and the design of the first level which will be a "template" for all of the others.

Phase 2 - Start building More Levels
Demo is done, great! Now to start building out levels. Haven't locked-in a number of how many there will be, but that will likely depend on feedback and support (more about that later). This of course involves more art, enemies, and sound/music as needed for each level. You could call this the "Alpha" point for the whole project, rather than just the Demo.

Phase 3 - Clean-up loose ends, polish
Hopefully by this point the game is mostly done, tie up any loose ends and squash any bugs. This would definitely be the "Beta" phase.

Phase 4 - Tools down, we're done!
Game done! Time to go on a vacation (HA! As-if GameDev's actually get vacations!), at this point I'll probably ask folks for feedback on a "what's next" or I'll have some plan in place already. Stay tuned!

Overall, I'm hoping to have regular updates for the game. Thinking every 1-2 weeks, but that could change depending on life.

So, you mentioned something about "Feedback and Support"?

Yup! That's where I need your help! I want to know what you folks liked, what you didn't like, what you'd change and how, that you want to set me on fire with the fire of a thousand suns (ok, maybe not that last part). To be clear, I want constructive feedback here. The more you can keep things calm, detailed, and relevant, the better. I will not tolerate hateful comments (being angry and expressing that you're angry is ok, but when you start throwing insults my way then we have problems).

Along with feedback, I need general support! How can you do that? By:

  • Spreading the word about the game (via Social Media, Word-of-Mouth, or by other means). Positive comments preferred, obviously. But I'm also not your father so you do you.
  • Donate! I'm providing my hard-work on a Donation-basis in the spirit of Itch (though, this could always change in the future). Your donations help me make this project the best it can be. And that isn't always cheap, either on my time or on my wallet.

Cool story, anything else you'd like to share?

Firstly, thank you for reading this far! And thank you for your interest in my project! I'm looking forward to being able to share this development experience with everyone. And see you next time!

TLDR Version - I released a Demo! I need your help, but I swear I have a plan!

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